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"Yeh your dog has a bigger carbon footprint than a 4-wheel drive..

But so does your baby, maybe you ought to trade him in for a Prius WHAT?" ***epic piano solo***

If you have never heard the song before, it is Tim Minchin's 'The Fence'

"the more you know the harder you will find it to make up your mind"

Another lyric, and incredibly true. James and I are looking at buying a dog. Mostly because he is a shift worker, and I need something to love and cheer me up when he isn't here.

But the decision to get a dog hasn't come lightly. The more we thought about it, having a zero-waste dog is going to be challenging. There is no doubt they do have quite a large carbon footprint. So we are going to try and reduce it.

We've also looked into rescue dogs and we were considering it for a long time. But our house is not quite suited for large dogs, and 9 out of 10 rescue dogs are big. And it wouldn't be fair on a dog that needs to run if we only have a very small yard.

So we decided we would try and buy one instead.

I've been frantically researching kibble suppliers, and how to DIY dog toys and treats, and how to make a dog bed out of old pillows.

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