My name is Alice, and I am a teacher by trade. In 2020 I will be available to run faith formation for  students, staff, youth, parishes, and schools. I am based in Brisbane, but may be available to travel upon request. For schools, my professional development can count towards accreditation to teach in a Catholic school in Brisbane and you will receive a certificate. If you are interested, please feel free to email me at or via the comment section below. There is also a copy of the vision and mission statement for Overturn the Tables. 

If you are interested in having me host a workshop or professional development for you, these are some of the best times to do so.

As a school

- if your school has recently decided to form a Laudato Si committee

- if your school has a theme regarding care for creation for the year 

- if your school requires some 'teaching in a catholic school' accreditation hours 

- if your school wants to change the culture or are on a path to develop a Catholic identity

When students

- are learning about Laudato Si 

- are learning about different religions and their response to climate change 

- are learning about sustainability in science/geography/religion etc. 

- are forming a stewardship committee 

As a parish 

- hosting a ARRCC living the change workshop, or a 'neighbourhood night' or something similar

- hosting a youth night for social/environmental justice 

- hosting a retreat about the environment, outside in nature 

- forming a Laudato Si committee

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