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Zero-waste cleaning and self-care ordered online

Since the Source foods near me has recently closed down, it has been a struggle to get cleaning products and some self-care products. I managed to find solutions to most problems, but I was still struggling with a few things.

I did some research and found a company called Zero-co. An Australian company that is snapping the straight line and turning cleaning and self-care into a closed loop. Very circular economy.

I decided to try it and put in an order about a week ago and my package has finally arrived.

Inside the package - very zero-waste with no bubble wrap etc.

I ordered 4 things - dish-washing liquid, stain remover, hand wash and deoderant for James to try.

It also came with the bags to return the refilling pouches and I asked for a deodorant

container as well because we don't have a reusable one.

So I filled the deodorant first.

I then went and found my old stain remover bottle and a spare container for the stain remover. My original bottle lasted me 6 years or so, but it only holds 375ml, but I ordered 500ml, hence the second container.

I also labelled the container - very important!

Refilling my 1L dish-washing liquid container took a bit longer to do. Seriously though the engineering on these pouches is brilliant! very little remains at the end of squeezing it all out. Much easier to squeeze from the bottom.

Then lastly I did the hand wash. 1L of hand-wash is more than I've ever brought before. So I had to find another old container. I thought the 'handy andy' container would be fitting for hand-wash. Geddit!

So I now have 4 empty pouches.

I thought I might include a note with the packaging.

And then, just as I was planning to go to the post office to drop off the bags today, I saw this cute message!

How good! Someone did an analysis on how to improve their carbon footprint and by posting less, they can do so! So I stashed my 4 empty refills in the bag and stored it in my office for later posting! So pleased!

All of the products smell quite amazing so I can't wait to try them!

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