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What is greenwashing?

A few weeks ago I got this message via instagram. When I started my business, I wasn't at all looking for endorsements. I don't try to be an 'instagram model' or an 'influencer.' My business is primarily consultation and keeping up social media accounts helps me share parts of my journey with others.

So when I was asked via Instagram to be a brand ambassador, it found it interesting. Considering I had never purchased from at all.

So I went and checked out their products for interests sake. Now, had it been a brand I regularly interact with, I would have considered becoming a brand ambassador. But there is no way that I would interact with this brand. Reason being is that they greenwash.

If you go to their about page, they are essentially a fundraising company, selling products that have the words 'bee' on them. I don't need any t-shirts. And I don't need any necklaces or rings with bee symbols on them. If I wanted to donate to Greenpeace... which they say is where 50% of their profits go to, I would do that without the other junk.

Greenwashing is essentially where products are branded as being 'eco' 'green' 'environmentally friendly' etc etc. but really have no ethics that align to a sustainable agenda or produce products that just aren't....

I remember there was a bunch of 'green' stuff that Aldi had a sale on months ago, and they were green washing. And don't get me wrong, in the past I have definitely been a sucker for that type of thing. Especially when I started out being zero waste and thought I had to go and spend hundreds of dollars upgrading everything.... oh how wrong I was!!

The more I research, the more I know what is and isn't greenwashed. But when looking for an authentic brand, I always go to their 'about' page on their website to determine whether their ethics align with mine.

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