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Wedding plan update

I am quite frustrated with me Lenten journey at the moment. I think it has been because we have been doing lots of wedding planning etc. But I can give you what has been going on in my head regarding this.

1. Flowers. I went to the flower market and trialled a garland, however, the flowers all came in plastic. So I'm thinking of just foraging now.

2. I got my shoes second hand for $30 woo!

3. the venue is BYO, which means that we can control the alcohol usage and what it comes in.

4. They also don't have straws!! win!

5. I haven't been brave enough to ask yet, but I want to BYO bins so that we can separate the waste properly on the night and use the compost to plant stuff later.

6. We are not printing invites. Only the ones for the reception for family who don't have internet.

7. We are not printing place-cards (which our venue organiser agreed with).

8. We had no straws at our engagement and we had minimal food waste. Having a small engagement dinner helped this.

9. We will be asking for no presents and only having a wishing well.

10. For my bridal 'sprinkle' I'll be making vegan goods zero waste.

11. We are not having favours, only a lolly bar that will be sourced zero waste and we have been saving jars to help us.

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