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Wedding attire

Reducing the environmental impact of our wedding is somewhat challenging. It won't be perfect, but when it comes to the wedding attire of the bridal party, we have done our best and done pretty good.

1. My wedding dress is second hand. I got it from England online. The lady sent me the measurements via and I checked to see if it would work, and it did. It cost a fortune to get over here, but it fits great! And it is perfect. For anyone interested, if you search in google images for 'Jenny Packham Eden', that is the dress.

2. Bridesmaid dresses. My poor girls they had to go through a lot with me changing my mind every 5 minutes about what I wanted. I was adamant that I wanted to buy them fair trade. So I got them from

The owner was amazing and gave me a discount and helped me out heaps.

3. Suits. Pretty easy, we are just going with suit hire. That way we aren't buying one suit that James and the boys will never wear again, and we don't have to worry about where it comes from etc.

4. Shoes. My shoes were brought second hand. Some of the girls already have shoes that would match.

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