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The great challenge of our time... literally

My clock broke. I got it as a gift from my great uncle on my 21st. The glass smashed on it and the mechanism broke too. I tried to fix it but with no hope. So these were my options, because I really liked having that clock in the kitchen.

1. buy a new clock

2. fix the clock myself

3. get the clock fixed.

Out of these three options, there are positives and negatives to each.

1. A new clock would be fine, I could get a better quality one perhaps that may last longer, but to be honest, it was because the sticky hook on the back of the clock became un-stuck that the clock came down. I also rather liked the clock and it's pretty sentimental.

2. Fixing the mechanism wasn't going to work but I could buy a new mechanism pretty easily. I'm pretty handy so I new putting it together would be no issue.

3. Getting the clock fixed would be expensive and hard to find a clock fixer potentially.

This thought process took about 1 minute, but I decided to go with option 2.

So I went to spotlight this morning. Unfortunately the only clock mechanism pieces were wrapped in plastic.

Not to mention that each clock hand had a plastic film on it. Sigh.

So hence the big dilemma of our time. To fix, or not to fix. To get fixed or not to get fixed. To throw away or not to throw away. To try and fix and find that everything is wrapped in plastic. There is no one solution that is the best, there are just lesser 'evil' solutions, if that phrase could be used.

It just sucks when you feel like doing the right thing should be easy, but the right thing ends up being not as good as you'd hoped.

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