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The Cheese wheel

Cheese is the hardest switch for hygiene reasons. Gourmet cheese are still covered in a wax plastic. The best option is Deli cheese. We don't have a privately owned Deli up here, so we are limited to Woolworths/Coles. I had a suggestion from a colleague to try and ask for it wrapped only in paper...… WELL...

it worked.


Now, I teach physics, so I see some pretty confused faces occasionally. But this girls face when I asked her to put cheese in butchers paper, not plastic, was unlike anything I have ever experienced. I disrupted her entire world because I didn't conform to her training. Poor thing. But still, I got it in paper!!

I have proof too.

I took the cheese out of the paper, about 10 minutes after it went into the paper, and then it went into a container in the fridge so that I could use it that night for dinner.... simples.

Now the butchers paper. WHAT CAN'T I DO WITH BUTCHERS PAPER? Seriously, I once made a dress out of that stuff. I have studied with it, drawn on it, painted on it, used It for wrapping paper. Most useful stuff in the world!!

On a downer note, this weekend, because I was home for an extended period of time, I could actually clean out my fridge. Unfortunately we had to chuck away about half a plastic bag of food waste. Little bits of stuff in jars, leftover cheese from like 2 months ago etc etc. Most of it could be composted, but compared to what we used to chuck out, I am still happy.

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