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Still converting

Wow, it has been over a year since I last wrote a blog post!

In all honesty it has just been because I've been so busy working and doing some event work for Catholic Earthcare etc.

Not to mention Term 2 2022 was possibly the worst ever for me and my school. The school started the term mourning a student's death, we then had a fire and a few days flooding. I had covid as did most of the school, then got sick again - twice! Nan was in hospital, mum was in hospital twice. I then found out I have to have surgery next term.

Bit in all of that, James and I have still been very 'aggressive' as he would put it, in our efforts to become ecological converts.

Here are just some of the small things we have done... and some of the big things too.

  1. We got new water saving toilets!!! I have wanted these since I was about 15 and found out they existed! When you flush, the water from the cistern runs through the tap first so that you can wash your hands! You don't realise how much water actually gets used in a flush till you use these things! It has made us even more conscious. We've always been fans of the rule 'if it's yellow let it mellow, and if its brown flush it down' rule when it is just the two of us. So we are definitely continuing the rule!!

2. As many of you know already - we got a second-hand electric car!!! James has been driving it to and from work because they have a charging station there. We charge it during the day to use our solar most days. Very cool!

3. We've been gardening. With the ridiculous amount of rain we got we got a few pumpkins this year. I've planted some more native flowering plants and plums. We've also put in a new garden bed made out of some old fence panels, zip ties and is filled with branches and twigs at the moment till I have time to go get soil.

4. We've continued with our second-hand furniture buying. I still need to mend the doors on this score.

5. I also have booked in some other furniture to get mended. Courtesy of our little dachshund Maggie... our lounge is being held together with pins at the moment. But I'm hoping to change that soon! I made some inquiries with a local couch repairer.

6. I've also made some changes to my superannuation (again). I am wanting to change my superannuation company to one that specialises in investing in renewables.... instead of fossil fuels. But for now I've had to settle for the 'more sustainable' option with my provider. It is very difficult to make a choice!

7. I've been transitioning to veganism slowly at home. I've started drinking soy milk. I was making almond or oat milk by hand for ages.... but to me it just tastes like wet almonds and wet oats. And the aim is to keep my breakfast down every morning.... So I had to make a switch.

I'm sure there are plenty of other things I've been doing that I haven't mentioned.

It is also Plastic Free July this month!!! So ya'll might want to get on board with that! I suggest looking into 'refilling' 'refilling' 'refilling' everything, wherever possible, all the time. Here are my top 5 tips to transition quickly.

  1. find a bulk food store near you. e.g. source foods. Where you can take a jar and get your pasta, rice, flour, nuts, cereals, lentils, honey, peanut butter, snacks etc. refilled.

  2. Get or make some reusable fruit and vegetable bags and take them shopping.

  3. Make your own bread, use a bread-bag at the bakery or ask for a paper bag.

  4. Ask your local butcher if you can take a container to get refilled.

  5. Use the containers that you already have at places like source and vessel at Nundah to get your cleaning products refilled. E.g. laundry powder, dishwashing powder and liquid, shampoo and conditioner, hand soap, floor cleaner etc etc.

I hope you have a great plastic free July!

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