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PB #refill

I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER! It is one of my absolute favourite foods! When I started me journey the first change I made was to buy peanut butter in a glass jar.

That was easy. Then I learnt that most of our glass recycling in Australia doesn't end up being recycled, so even though I may have reduced the environmental impact a bit, I wasn't fixing the whole problem.

So I researched how to make it. Turns out it is as easy as turning on a food processor. Trouble is, I didn't have a food processor, but I did have a kenwood. So I looked on gumtree and brought the attachment food processor from a lady who wanted to get rid of hers.

I then went to my local bulk food store with some containers and jars and filled them with peanuts. The first time I did this, I brought roasted ones, but turns out they still needed more roasting to bring out the best peanut butter flavour. I then tried again, but I over roasted and burnt them. Third time lucky, it was 'just right.' bearing in mind that this happened over a few months. I tried adding salt though, and added too much.

This time, I nailed it. perfect amount of roasting, good amount of salt. After processing it, I #refilled the original jar that I had brought. I had to sterilise it first with boiling water (which then went on my plants).

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