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On-Demand Services and Cloud Services

Last night James and I took the night off, brought a movie from iTunes and watched it while eating some dessert.

But it got me thinking about how good iTunes is for the environment, and how good cloud services and On-Demand services are.

Cloud services like iTunes, dropbox etc. are particularly good because they prevent the production of physical copies or dvd's or files.

I came across the greatness of On-Demand services when I was watching 2040. In 2040 they discuss how cars basically are space wasting carbon emitters. They sit there all day in parking lots that prevent the growth of plants and they consume carbon in their production and in their lifetime. But an On-Demand service like taxis, uber etc. are great because they are not stationary and are taking up less space. This along with public transport is a better way of moving people around in the future. Old parking spaces can be transformed into something much more environmentally friendly. Eventually I would love to participate in this, but where I live at the moment, it is just not possible at all.

On-Demand services like Uber Eats for example, I wouldn't support, because they are often paired with a lot of unnecessary waste and you can't support local farmers through that medium.

I am always sceptical of new technologies and what they could ethically mean for society and the environment. But iTunes gets a big environment tick from me. Uber also gets an environmental tick, but it does need to work on its labour laws. Uber Eats though is a no from me.

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