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Merry Christmas!

Today I was blessed with many many many gifts. Way more than I needed/wanted. I wanted to reflect on a few things.

1. Chocolate. Chocolate gifts, which I have received a lot of this month are always covered in single use plastic. However, I feel that it is terrible to refuse a gift. I have on occasion though re-gifted chocolate, but it doesn't stop it being single use plastic.

2. This year I tried to give as many gifts as possible that helped others to live a more zero-waste lifestyle. Such as portable cutlery sets and reusable fresh-produce bags. Giving these gifts has been very rewarding and those who I gifted them to were very grateful.

3. As I said, I was blessed with lots of presents, but some of my favourites were

- homemade milo from my best friend

- DIY yoghurt maker and cheese maker from mum

- reusable bag from dad

- stainless steel lunch box and shampoo bar from my brother

- James and I do a $5 5 minute challenge and he got me a puzzle

- book of homemade recipes for health and beauty etc. from dad

- willow tree Holy Family nativity set from nan

- tickets from James' presents to see the score from Harry Potter played at QPAC

4. By far the gift of company and love is most important. Father talked about 4 gifts of God yesterday night at Mass. His gift of company, forgiveness, purpose and strength.

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