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Going Vegan for Lent

With the minor exception of an emergency vegetarian pie dinner, one night out in Maryborough, some milk to save me one night from a very hot misplaced chilli and a scone at work the day lockdown was announced, I have managed to get through the entirety of Lent vegan.

Originally I lost a bit of weight by accident. I haven't felt tiredness, or sickness, I've actually felt pretty great.

I have been craving cake, and cookies. It is hard come vegan cake and cookies. But I think cake and cookies are a small sacrifice to make for Lent and the planet.

Now originally, as has always been the case, my Lent journey has been about doing something for creation. Most people go vegan to help animals. Not growing up around animals, I can honestly say, I never really had much empathy for animals. They were always something lesser, separate, for human use etc etc.

Since Lent 2018, I think that perspective has changed. Since getting Maggie, (my puppy) I think that perspective has changed. And now since going Vegan, I think that perspective has changed.

I don't think I will continue to be 100% vegan. I will continue to be vegetarian for both the environmental benefits and because I don't see why we should hurt animals so that we can live.

I might go back to eating some honey, some eggs from some well looked after chickens. But I don't think I will eat nearly as much cheese or milk because those products have a much more direct impact on the animal and there is a big culture around the mistreatment of cows.

My husband and I agree that we aren't massive fans of tofu. And after this week, we won't eat it as much as we have in the past 6-7 weeks. Lentils though... I like them.

I have found that it is true, as your Fibre intake increases dramatically, your digestive system does go through a period of adjustment.

Something that is no surprise to any vegans, is that it can be very expensive if your intention is to 'replace' all meat with plant-based alternative items e.g. patties, and my favourite brownies. It is less expensive when recipes are changed to include lentils and mushrooms and other similar items.

Also from a zero-waste perspective, which has always been my starting point and original passion, it is the same as the money issue. If your 'replace' it is always going to bring more waste. Tofu, plant-based patties, my favourite brownies included all have some element of waste. Lentils, and mushrooms as I mentioned are zero-waste items anyway, or can be if done right.

But on the whole, the 'plant-based' lifestyle change really has helped me to reflect on my connection to other organisms. Understanding how God's creation, and the process of evolution have worked to create such beauty in our world the now needs our protection.

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