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Did Jesus live an integral ecology?

Pope Francis talks about how we are part of an integral ecology. That is we are integral to the ecology of the whole planet. We have often forgotten this. Pope Francis also talks about the fact that Jesus was a model for how to life this integral ecology. Reading sections 96-100 of Laudato Si we know that Jesus supported and promoted the paternal relationship with God. He would spend time in nature and telling others to be with nature, contemplate nature. But then he did other things that were very strange.

He commanded the waters, he would gather with others and drink... was a drunkard.... maybe overconsumed a little bit. He was also a carpenter (maybe... evidence suggests maybe not), so he used materials and worked with natural resources.

But then in John's Gospel for example he is the pinnacle of creation, the word made flesh!

I think that through the integral ecology lens, we are reminded that Jesus was both human and divine. Through this, he did practice an integral ecology. He did believe that we are integral to nature, we are not separate, not above... just a part of it.

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