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Control and Discipline vs Sacrifice

I went to a conference the other day regarding the Islam response for climate change. One of the most interesting things that challenged me was the mindset about control and discipline. For the past 2 years I have had the mindset that I need to sacrifice my luxuries, my materialism for the environment so that it can heal. But in Islam, they say that it is about control and disciple. "Don't waste water even when you are washing yourself in a flowing river." It is one of the key environmental teachings. It is about control, not sacrifice. Not giving up, but controlling what is yours and what you use.

It is a slightly different way of thinking. But I feel like we can all learn from this. We can still want things... new clothes, new toys, new technologies... but to buy new ones when we don't need them is unnecessary and we need to exercise control not to want those unecessary things.

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