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Being vegan for Lent

"Can you stop telling lies about what veganism is, and can you stop telling everyone I'm vegan!"

- These were the actual words that came out of my mouth last night at dinner to my husband. We had a 30th birthday to attend and I had forgotten to mention the whole vegan Lent thing to the hosts. Not wanting to draw attention to my Lenten journey... wanting to suffer in silence... I was just going to eat the bread and vegetables and chips at the dinner. I wasn't going to mention it to the hosts. I was just going to manage.

But my joker husband had other ideas. He told them, reminded them, and then to top everything off, started joking about what is vegan and what isn't vegan. Saying things like 'only animals that eat vegan food are vegan' .... and 'she can only eat water.' The lovely waitstaff did end up bringing me a fully vegan dinner and dessert which was very kind of them.

However, at one point in the night, my husband was joking with our friends so much that I had to turn around (as I often do) and say... 'you should know by now not to listen to anything he says...everything he has said is wrong.'

I did end up explaining something I learnt from a book about veganism and eating meat, that really, nothing can be considered vegan, because in some way, something always has to suffer for us to eat. Even in organic farms, pest animals need to be removed or killed to stop them eating all the produce. So I said, all I am focusing on is not eating animals and not eating products made from animal products. Everything else is too difficult to determine just by looking at it.

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