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Advent - Day 5 - second hand

Everyone loves opening something that is brand new. Don't get me wrong, I love the feeling as well. However, it is ok to give something that is second hand, or to wear something second hand.

This year I have been ruthless with also giving away things, especially clothes. At Christmas time I think it's a good opportunity to spring clean and donate old clothes and things before receiving the new. James has also done the same. He no longer plays his playstation anymore, however, his dad would love to play. So James has decided to give his dad his old playstation. It still works, we have some good games, we just no longer have a use for it and James' dad would get more use out of it.

Other ways that you can buy second hand this year is for your work Christmas party outfit! I was lucky that I didn't feel I needed to buy a new outfit as I already had something in mind, but I have other events coming up this festive season and I can't wait to go op shopping to get something. Op shopping always feels like getting new clothes anyway. It is inexpensive as well. Sometimes you walk away with 5 things, other times you can't find a single thing to fit you properly, but hey that is half the fun.

When we buy second hand a few good things happen around us.

1. The companies that sell second hand often give their profits to the poor and therefore they also have a better Christmas.

2. We don't contribute to the fast fashion industry that produces a lot of waste and is harmful to people and the environment.

3. We also save money.

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