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Advent day 20 - zero - waste Panama

Since I was successful in my application to go to panama I have thought long and hard about how I was going to be as zero-waste as possible. Tomorrow I will post about all the things that will make it very much non-zero-waste but today I want to focus on the positives.

1. Cosmetics. So I should be able to take me home-made deodorant and perfume, toothpowder (which Isn't that bad. It doesn't entirely taste awful), bar soap and shampoo bar. I probably wont even need makeup. etc. So that should be fine.

2. I have borrowed some clothing and brought some second hand so I haven't had to buy anything new. Which was expected because I have a lot of travel clothes already

3. I will be taking my zero waste kit with my reusable straw and bag etc. however, the questions was, how am I going to clean this when in hostels/hotels? So I'm thinking if I put some dishwashing liquid into a container and bring a dishwashing head and a bucket, and teatowel I could fill it with hot water and wash away in a hotel room.

4. I will be packing some jars and Tupperware containers for lunches. So for example, if brekky is provided and there is some spare bread, I could make a sandwich for the road.

5. I will pack a small container of detergent for clothes instead of buying some overseas.

I'm sure as I'm packing I will come across more, but this is my initial thinking.

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