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Advent Day 2 - "no straw please"

Christmas parties can be a bit one for straws. Say you have a staff of 100, an average of 2 drinks maybe (probably more if it's a staff of teachers) and each with a straw. That really adds up.

I always start by surveying the room, I thought I would be ok at my Christmas party because it seemed no one had a straw. I asked not to have one anyway. There is only so much I can do though. I still ended up with a straw. Sigh. I have a theory that they give straws to people who wear lipstick so that they don't have to worry about cleaning.

Anyway. You can always BYO straw. There are plenty of them out there now for cheap. But unless you really need a straw, it is easy to just not have one and to ask not to have one.

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