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Advent day 19 - reuse

We are less than a week from Christmas and even though you are forced to do it now, don't forget to take your reusable bags everyone :)

Today I have been doing holiday sewing! I'm still not great at sewing. I probably need some lessons or to watch more youtube clips. Don't get me started on bobbins. But I've slowly improving and learning.

I've hit an age now (even though I know I'm not that old) where I look at clothing and realise that I shouldn't wear it because it makes me look like a teenager. So I took 4 of those pieces of clothing and upcycled them today. I changed 2 dresses into skirts.

I also had a short skirt and short shorts that I really liked the fabric of. So I turned them into

1. a double sided headband. 2. A write pin cushion and 3. a sock/sleeve for my reusable straw.

I still haven't decided what to do with the rest of the nice blue fabric yet, so I've been browsing pinterest.

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