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Advent day 16 - prepare

I've finally unpacked everything from my week away and the last week of school. I have some beautiful Christmas cards. Mum used to have a string thing with some pegs on it to hang up the cards over Christmas. I used my old stash of bobby pins.

And you're probably thinking 'Alice you won't be able to open and close that blind now' and you are correct. But we don't tend to open and close it anyway.

Once Christmas is over, I will keep the nice messages and recycle the images on the front to make more cards later on.

So that means that I'm almost finished preparing for Christmas. I also have to take my containers to the bulk store and finish off some baking that I have to do, so I will need to be prepared for that. Preparation is key for shopping at Christmas in a zero waste fashion. Mum complained to me the other day that she wanted to go to the bulk store but ended up not being able to because she wasn't prepared enough. It happens.

In another way, I'm also not prepared for Christmas, but I'm trying to be. Christmas is about being prepared for Christ to enter into your life. And he is already into my life, and I guess I'm prepared for him, but I don't feel ready. I certainly don't feel ready yet for WYD in that respect. I think I need lots of quiet time to prepare myself and be ready for Him.

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