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Advent day 15 - travel

I love travelling. I think it is awesome to experience the world and I enjoy being able to learn while travelling. Today I went on a short journey from Brisbane to home on the train. As it was dinner time while travelling, I decided to buy a meal. I knew that it would come in plastic. I was prepared to use my own bamboo cutlery though to ensure that I wasn't using disposable cutlery.

Unfortunately it didn't go down too well. I said to the guy who was bringing around the bin for the rubbish that he needn't throw my unused cutlery that is still in its plastic packaging away as I didn't open it at all. He took my cutlery and threw it straight in the bin. I'm well aware that there are probably rules and laws around that type of thing, but honestly, he could have just put it in his pocket and put it back in the drawer.

On a more Christmas-y note, I wanted to mention Christmas cards, or more specifically, cards in general. I am more of a sticker person if something needs to have a label. If I have to buy a card, I will do so without buying one wrapped in plastic. I may make a card if I'm feeling it. For Christmas, stockings are a good way of telling someone that the present is theirs without a card. Email cards are also pretty awesome if you have large families like mine. A text or facebook message wishing Merry Christmas also works well. And really when you think of the intention of a Christmas card, which is to wish someone a Merry Christmas, how good is it to do that in person when you can and give a big hug!! Christmas cards especially I have in the past not kept. Unlike cards given to me on special occasions.

One thing that I suppose I have learnt from this whole zero-waste journey is to know what the intention of an object is and what the value of an object is. That is questioning why you would have/need/want/use something. The intention of plastic cutlery is to be hygienic and convenient. It is just as convenient for me to bring my own cutlery. The intention of Christmas cards is to wish someone a Merry Christmas and to indicate that a present is theirs. Which can be done without a card, that is wrapped in paper, that may have been wrapped in plastic.

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