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Teilhard and Nones

I'm reading an interesting book that was recommended to me by a friend. It is called 'Making all things new: catholicity, cosmology, consciousness.' In the book it talks a lot about Teilhard De Chardin's philosophies and theologies.

In his 'Phenomenon of man' he talks about the noosphere. But what Ilia Delio does is talk about what 'Nones' are. The are people who are religiously unaffiliated but reflect Teilhard's insight that institutions religion no longer meet the needs of the world.

I'm feeling very 'None' right now. They say that 51% of nones believe in God or a higher power, and more than half of these understand God in a non-personal way, like a universal force. Nones are free-thinkers, open-minded and in favour of religious freedom.

This is very much where I am at the moment. I think there are some solid arguments that the Catholic Church in particular, in a COVID world no longer meet the needs of the world. I'm probably somewhere in between the a personal relationship and a non-personal relationship. I feel both sides of that. And in terms of religious freedom, I definitely agree with that notion. And I feel frustrated at the Church's exclusivity sometimes.

I mean I could go on and on about this concept, but I thought it interesting to share.

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