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Reduce, reuse, recycle.

I actually sort of had a basic reduce reuse recycle kind of a day. I cleaned out my office and bookcase.

1. I reduced the number of books that I have (ok this isn't what reduce is supposed to mean, but seriously I needed to get rid of some stuff). I got rid of 3 cubes worth of books. Including all of my old uni notebooks. I also noticed, that 75% of my old uni books started off with a semesters work, and it gradually just turned into math..... from when I used to tutor. So much math, so much out of context math. The other 25% had some leftover paper that I tore out and kept. My mother always used to have a stash of torn out paper and old invoices from dads work printed on yellow paper that we used to use for drawing. Mine, will probably be used for more math.

2. Of these notebooks that I had, many had plastic covers. I was determined to reuse them, so what I did was cut each one off. In black nicko, I wrote on them something like 'pedagogy' or 'science' or 'biblical studies' or 'ethics' - categories of all of my books. I don't have a large enough or sophisticated enough library to have a dui decimal system, but I do need something. So I made handy dividers to categorise my books. In reality, these wont work, but I tried, and I saved plastic.

3. I recycled the leftover paper and cardboard. I took me a while to take out all of the spiral thingys, and the leftover bits of plastic. I recycled about 1 large bin full of paper and cardboard. And I had about 1/4 of a bin of rubbish left, if that.

With my remaining textbooks etc. that I culled, I am now trying to sell some that had cost me a bit but I no longer have use for, and giveaway the rest. Remainders will go to lifeline or similar for their bookfest.

A tip for buying notebooks. Don't get ones that have spirals. Staples are much easier to remove.

The greatest part is that I now have room for more books!!

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