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plogging, responsibility and the church

The other day on the way to work I was so excited to see a plogger! I felt like tooting horn really loudly and thanking them.

Today got me thinking about responsibility. Maybe because I've been working on some plenary council stuff that phrases its main question as 'what is God asking of US' not asking of the Church that it got me thinking about responsibility. See ploggers think that it is their responsibility to pick up rubbish as they see it. Today I thought of it as my responsibility to make sure the recycling bins at school were emptied properly because the normal students weren't there to do it.. so naturally its everyone's responsibility. To me, I think that big companies should be 100% responsible for the waste management of their products. e.g. Coco Cola should be responsible for the recycling of its own plastic bottles.... that would make sense wouldn't it.

But it got me thinking about the responsibility of the Church. In Australia we are facing a large recycling crisis. Whenever Australia has faced a crisis, the Catholic Church has often been the first to jump on it (e.g. education in the 1800s). So it makes sense to me that the Catholic Church should jump on the responsibility of recycling materials through investment and making opportunities for a new type of ministry and creating work opportunities for our vulnerable members of society.

Just my daily thoughts :)

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