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My zero-waste day.

I wrote this a few months ago.

This morning, I got up and the first thing I did was go to the toilet. In that, I used who gives a crap toilet paper because they have good ethics, and they use recycled materials. I keep the wrappings for gifts. I washed my hands with a bar soap not made from palm oil because of the ethics around palm oil.

I made my breakfast. I had porridge using oats. Normally I buy my oats from the bulk food store, but I was pushed for time a few weeks ago and had to settle for Uncle Toby's rolled oats in a cardboard box instead. The milk I buy in cartons because I don’t like the thought of turtles and birds consuming the plastic bottle tops. I used some honey that I refilled a the local bulk food shop to flavour my porridge.

I made my lunch at the same time, which included some chocolate snacks that I had refilled from the bulk food shop, a banana and orange from the local fruit and veg shop. I also remembered to pack some jars because I knew I needed to bring my food scraps home.

I then went for a shower and made sure I had a bucket in the bottom to catch the water while it heated up. I didn’t need to wash my hair, so I used an old plastic bag that I’ve had for about 3 years and used it to make a shower cap with the help of some old bobby pins. I used my bar soap again to wash myself. I brushed my teath with my hand made tooth powder from charcoal, bentonite clay, salt, bi carb and essential oils that I can refill at biome. I toned my face with lavender hydrosol spray from biome as well. I moisturised my face with some leftover moisturiser that I’ve had for years. I used my tongue cleaner and a mouth wash tab that was brought in a glass jar to make m breath minty fresh. I put my hair up in a hair tie made from an old stocking sock. I put my deodorant on made from candilla wax, shae butter, coconut oil, bi carb and essential oils.

I put on my second hand dress, jacket that I’ve had for about 10 years and some shoes that I recently got mended at the local Mr minit. The heels on them had perished. I put on my wooden watch, my glasses made from reusable plastics, and some perfume oil made from jojoba oil and vanilla essence.

I made sure I refilled my water bottle and then drove to work. This was probably the most wasteful part of my day.

When I got to work, I unfortunately had to photocopy some exams. But I also downloaded and began to mark my year 11 physics assignments using the review tools on word. I went to class and used my refillable whiteboard markers. I crossed things off my list using my refillable fountain pen.

I ate my lunch and ensured I saved the food scraps for when I got home. The orange scraps went into a jar with some vinegar to make cleaner to be used later on.

After I drove home, I watered my plants using water from my shower and the worm wee from my worm farm. I made rice and beans bake using rice from the bulk food shop that I refilled, beans that from the same shop that I had been soaking, sweet potato, red onion and green beans from the local fruit and veg shop, some coconut milk from a can, tomato paste from a glass jar and some peanut butter that I made on the weekend using my food processor from the peanuts I also brought in bulk. I then covered the dish with my reusable baking silicon cover and baked it. To top it off, I added some peanuts, yoghurt that I made earlier that week and a lime from the local fruit and veg shop.

When I cut the sweet potato and peeled it the leftovers went in the freezer to make stock later this week. The red onion scraps and lime scraps when into the big compost. The bean scraps went to the worms with my banana from today. The coconut tin went in the recycling. The tomato paste jar was saved and used. The silicon cover was washed. Out leftovers from the meal went into containers for dinners later in the week.

The dishes went into the dishwasher and the powder from the bulk shop was used to wash the dishes. I hand washed the rest using my wooden scrub and refilled dishwashing liquid.

I then sat down to do marking and other things.

When I was ready for bed, I brushed my teeth again as before, I washed my face using a hot jojoba oil wash, toner and moisturiser. And went to bed.

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