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My gift to you is an experience

This year, one of my goals was to give everyone an experience for their birthday. Dad got a races day, which he basically organised himself. Mum got a cocktail making experience last night. I don't drink, so this was the cocktail that I made for her. My ONLY criticism of the whole night was.. I should have remembered to bring some reusable straws.... as a group we used probably 30 plastic straws, which I don't think was entirely necessary. In that way it was quite wasteful.

But I learnt a lot about how to pour, how to shake, how they squeeze their own limes to make lime juice.

The whole experience was great fun. Mum was thrilled with the whole thing and to see the look on her face when I surprised her and said we were making cocktails tonight was just the best. Dad and I kept it a secret that her friends were coming as well so that was a surprise for her to enjoy it with them there.

We made some great memories together, and I would recommend doing experiences like this as gifts all the time. Cost wise it was quite reasonable as well.

For Christmas, one of the experiences I'm gifting to my Nan is a walk at the Roma Street Enchanted gardens. Nan loves gardens, and I hope she is blown away with the magic!

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