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Lent 2019

Lent is just a few weeks away, and I have had to reflect really hard on what I'm doing this year for Lent. Not sure I'm going to be able to top what I did last year.

So this year, I'm going to follow the same theme as last year, but I'm going to keep it simple and focus more on the sacrifice of a few things, rather than trying to do everything and burning myself out.

1. Always be in a vehicle with 1 or more people when possible. The Maryborough Hervey Bay situation is tricky. There is some public transport, but some of it doesn't work around crazy work schedules. Where possible James and I will carpool. If possible I will carpool with a colleague. When possible I will catch a bus to work. And any other time, I will drive my own car.

2. Focus on my source of food. Either by going to the local markets to buy fresh fruit or veggies, and investigating with local butchers the most local sources of meat and where there isn't factory farming happening.

3. Watching what I put in my mouth. I want to restrict meat to 1 or 2 times a week. And I want to reduce sugar to one portion a day. A lot of Catholic groups are pushing for a vegan/vegetarian Lent. And where I can I will do this, however, I am conscious of what I read of Rob Greenfield's article that states that it can impact on health, and we should focus more on where food comes from, less about what we eat, because regardless of what we eat, we kill something.

I wanted to reflect on a few more things this week.

I've been doing some scripture study this week and I learnt that God said to Abraham that you will give rise to all nations... or whatever it was. And in revelations, it's almost like they showed this. I couldn't help thinking about WYD and how many nations I saw there. But I also can't help but thinking about how much harm and death came as a result of that missionary process. Especially in Australia. Would that have been what God wanted?

Also this week I was pissed off at the Labour Party promising only 50% renewables by 2030.... which isn't a good enough target. I'm still stewing on this, so just let me be fuming in my corner.

Lastly this week - update on the wedding planning.

Mum got me a handy wedding planning book for Christmas. It was designed by some awesome lady in America, however, it has so much stuff that they say you 'should' have that I'm definitely like - meh..... why?

1. menu cards - unnecessary printing, as well as place cards, invitations (that aren't just invitations anymore, it is a 4 page document sealed with leaves and live birds), mass booklets (I'm lucky my church has screens), seating plans etc etc. NO PRINTING. as much as I can get away with it.

2. having a wedding website.... WTF? minimalism is key people.

3. baskets? - like with gifts and stuff for guests and the wedding party..... is that even a thing?

4. manicures and pedicures..... just not necessary. I'm blessed with nice nails, so I'm going to not bother. Also I'm against acrylic. Not to mention I'm not paying $160+ for hair and makeup for 4 girls (sometimes more for mothers etc) x 2 for the rehearsal...… I've even gone so far as to DIY my own zero waste foundation that I'm hoping to refine before the wedding and wear. If I could, I would go face naked.

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