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Last Day of Advent!

Jesus is almost here! I have been baking. But baking is hard when I'm not in my own kitchen. Not as zero waste as it would normally be. But slightly more vegan by accident. I made 2 things for tomorrow. A vegan rocky road (its more like and fruit and nut chocolate because I couldn't find vegan marshmallows) and Turkish delight, which when made with corn starch also happens to be vegan.

My rocky-road was entirely zero-waste. All ingredients were bought in bulk. I used cranberries, coconut, cashews and vegan dark chocolate. Looks terrible, will taste great though.

The Turkish delight was difficult. I used this recipe.

It wasn't as zero waste for a few reasons.

1. It said to use a thermometer. I couldn't find digital one so I bought a meat one but the scale on it was not right. It came in plastic and unfortunately I didn't end up using it and just winged it. Big loss there.

2. I was borrowing some ingredients from mum that I don't keep at home, corn-starch, cream of tartar, icing sugar and they were not zero waste. But the rest I brought from home and were bought in bulk.

3. I had to buy rosewater essence in a plastic bottle because I couldn't find rose water in a glass one. That was my fault for not being prepared.

4. Also both recipes needed a lining for the tray/container.

It was accidentally vegan (a term I learnt from James' sister) as it has no gelatine and according to the Queen website, the red food colouring is vegan as well. It has to set overnight before I add the icing sugar.

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