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I am no expert - please forgive me

I'm definitely not an expert in Laudato Si, in caring for the environment, in zero-waste, in gardening, in anything really.

When attending professional development as a teacher, I am always in awe of these spectacular minds, who have had years to work on their passion, to research to, trial and error, to gain experience.

I literally have to make up everything as I go. And make changes and learn as I teach others.

The reason being is that I don't have the luxury of time, we don't have the luxury of time.

If I truly was an expert, maybe I should go and do 4 years of environmental science and a research masters course where I look at the impact of school programs in helping make changes to behaviour for the environment.

If I did that, it may take me another 10 years to get to that point. And by 2030, as some scientists have predicted... it might be too late.

So I apologise now that I don't know the best way, I'm still learning the best way and making mistakes and listening to schools. I will never have all the answers and there are thousands of scientists that know way more than me. I only know a few things

  1. My belief in God as the creator informs my everyday actions and choices and I have a responsibility as every opportunity to make the right choice for creation

  2. Pope Francis' letter to all peoples, Laudato Si is a wealth of inspiration, it reflects all of the issues that we face in the world today, and has informed my decision making

  3. I know that with research, planning and reflection I can lower my ecological footprint and tread lightly on the earth.

  4. By sharing my story with others, the conversation can flourish as to how we best tackle this ecological crisis.

  5. The science is changing, and forever learning.

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