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How I clean my face

I have always had to pretty terrible trouble with my acne. In hindsight, part of it was more laziness than anything. It sounds SOOO corny but I literally tried everything as a teenager. I did the bleach your face thing with proactive back in the day, that was awful. I tried single-use makeup remover wipes. I still used a prescribed acne cream but I really want to eventually get rid of it out of my life. But so far, the only things that I have found that work for me (just letting you know now, it may not for you) are.

1. cleanser - jojoba oil. Because I have a face that could rival rio tinto in the amount of oil it produces, I have to use an oil to dissolve an oil. I didn't know that, and didn't know it worked either but it does. I use Australia jojoba oil that I can refill at biome or replenish. I put it on at night leave it for a few minutes and just wipe off. 2. toner - I always underappreciated toners. I use a floral water. There are lavender (which I love, but is hard to get), rose and chamomile that I have found. All are basically the same. 3. I use my hand made aloe vera gel moisturiser. So far it is working ok. I don't need a lot of it, but my recipe needs a bit of work with the ratios to make it work for me.

Some of these things though expensive last quite a long time. The jojoba oil is the most expensive, but I have had that bottle for over a year now I think and it is still only half empty.

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