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Hitting the road

Today I'm going to be heading back home to my parents for a week. Packing to go down is starting to become quite tricky because there are all of these extra things I need to bring.

first thing I always pack is my zero waste kit and bag. Inside is my foldaway plate, bowl, cup, straw, cutlery and I have a bag that I take to put the dirty dishes in.

Next are the things that need to go to special recycling places. e.g. my toothpaste.

and jars.

I also bring along special ones I need to #refill this time it happens to be spice.

I can't forget my trusty natural hand sanitizer.

Because I'm going to a conference, I can't forget to pack ink.

Not to mention my reusable cup for travelling and conference.

Lastly my snack box full of yummies.

There is probably more that I'm forgetting but that's the start of it :)

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