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Green power and green chats

I like green chats. It seems like I've hit a point in my life where everything I talk about is to do with green related things. Today I attended a great workshop and had some great chats about how to be more green. And I was introduced to the concept of green power.

James and I live in a rental. That doesn't have solar. I would like us to have solar. Ergon is the only energy provider up north. But they offer this thing called 'green power' where you pay more for the ergon to invest in renewable energies on behalf of you. I have also looked into asking the landlord to invest in solar. In Bundaberg and other more northern areas, there is now a new scheme that rentals and their landlords can buy into to get solar. So I asked if my landlord could look into it. So I will see how that goes. I also discussed some thoughts about off-peak and peak times for energy. if we go 100% renewable, how do we have to more effectively utilise off-peak and peak times to do what we need to do with electricity. But on the same note, if all of us did this more effectively, would governments be more inclined to want to transition to 100% renewables faster as a result of the changed culture?

Some other questions I had from today were a little more complex. In the next few decades they predict that 1/8th of the worlds population will be displaced. And also in that time the places in which fertile growing lands are will shift as a result of climate change. But what if we didn't have the concept of place? Like this might sound incredibly awful, but what if we got rid of the concept of home? House? Place? Country? but more importantly... might we have to get rid of that idea in the future? Borders need to be fluid to allow for this movement (but then why not just not have borders?), How is this migration going to work to benefit everyone? How are we going to make sure that these fertile regions are able to foster growth for everyone, and how are we going to help those trying to save their farms to transition to a new place and migrate? This type of consideration for 1/8th of the worlds population needs to be what we think about in the long term (on top of everything else that we need to do to get this planet back to health, and cope with natural disasters).

Someone that is reading this right now thinks that I should go live in a shack with a tin foil hat. Maybe I should if I'm thinking in this way. Some people think I should go into politics and policy making. But I'm probably too naïve and ignorant to do something like that, because I have crazy and weird ideas like this.

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