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Fake flowers

Months before I went zero-waste, I went through the kmart-homewares phase. Which really was a short-lived phase. In this time I bought these fake flowers that looked a lot nicer before.

When I brought these, they were put in a vase I had, outside on my porch. I recently received as a gift, a small plant that I decided I wanted to put into that same vase. So it means I no longer have a use for these fake, plastic, dead plants. So, I stripped them. I took off the string tied around it to use in the garden. I cut off the plastic and exposed the wire that I can use for craft. I also cut off the fake leaves to use them in craft as well. But the rest had to go to landfill. In a way, I am glad they are gone because they were fake and have gone somewhat ugly. But I am sad because they will be in landfill long after I am gone.

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