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Easter - thinking about sin

So it is almost Easter. And I've been thinking a lot about climate sin. Why isn't this a thing yet?

A few years ago I was at a workshop about Luadato Si, and a guy said:

"I don't think it is reasonable enough to consider not recycling a sin..."

I'm inclined to disagree with him there. If I was to make a list of climate sins this is what they would be:

- using more resources than you need (e.g. wasting water, fuel etc)

- inappropriately disposing of waste (littering, not composting, not recycling etc)

- exploiting resources at the expense of humans or animals (remembering to buying local, or fair trade, or cruelty free etc)

- using unnecessary single use plastics (clingwrap, chocolate wrappers)

- walking past something that you see that is wrong and not doing something about it (walking on the beach and not picking up rubbish)

- not challenging others on their sins

I believe that some sins are social constructs. Why can't we make climate sin a thing? What about climate criminals?

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