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Daily face routine

Something that I haven't yet spoken about is my daily face routine.

I use a combination of the following at the moment, but it has changed, and I will mention some things that haven't worked.

To cleanse, I now use jojoba oil. I let the oil dissolve my oily skin before washing it odd.

As a toner I use lavender water. It is light and smells great!

I was using a coconut oil zinc, however, the coconut oil was clogging my sink badly it made my skin feel awful. I am currently using leftover moisturisers that I had before.

I still use a medicated acne cream because I have struggled with acne for ages.

In the shower I also use a oatmeal soap to cleanse.

I also don't wear make up when I don't have to. God thinks we are all beautiful and loves us before we are all made up.

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