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Covid and Climate

I saw someone the other day edit a tweet from an MP that showed how, when all of COVID is over, what the response to the climate crisis could look like. I had a go myself at two. I didn't do that well, but you get the idea.

These are two tweets from SCOMO.

This is what I imagined they could be like.

I made a spelling mistake.... oops.

It is interesting to hypothesise how the country could tackle the climate crisis issue when the corona virus issue is over. If not before! We know that countries that have declared a climate emergency have been working very hard to tackle the climate crisis. We know that Australia as a country hasn't declared the emergency. We know that there are some councils that have and have been doing some great work. I think it would be good for the environment if this was the response that was to happen. I don't really consider myself a political activist, or even a climate activist... I just live out a document written by the Pope about climate change. But I can't help but imagine what this might be like.

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