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Are you eating here or?

One of the things that I've learnt in the past few months, is that often 'eating here' when eating out is the better option for reducing waste. This morning I went to coffee and apart from some unnecessary napkins, my entire experience was zero waste. But there are 2 other things that I have noticed when eating out.

1. When eating here, you get to sit. Sitting when eating and socialising is a great way to relax, instead of grabbing something and going. I know that each way of eating has its purpose, but I much prefer the sit down one.

2. When ordering drinks this is my checklist

a) do they have hot beverages in mug/cup? - if not it's a no go (luckily today I got a hot chocolate in a mug)

b) do they have cold beverages in glasses? - if not check the fridge if they have one (the only cold beverages available were in a paper cup).

c) do they have a drink in a glass jar or can? - if not... drinks seem to be a no go.

d) ASK FOR NO STRAW - I forget this still. And I find that a lot of zero waste people blog about forgetting because in our minds, they are unnecessary unless you absolutely require it.

Sometimes making a decision about what I want takes ages, but it can also sometimes be easier to make a choice because the choices are limited.

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