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Advent day 18 - renew

Today I have been fixing lots of things and thinking of new ways to use things. This afternoon I was thinking about how my bread bag could also probably hold buns as well. Like if I wanted to do a barbeque, I could grab some breadrolls in my breadbag.

I had to fix some clothing and some jewellery that had broken.

I also had to try and fix a ballball or bauble.... I'm never sure of the spelling.

This was a glass ballball that I brought in Vienna at the Christmas markets. I dropped it and it shattered the half that you can't see when I was trying to put it on my tree earlier this year. This was my favourite ornament that I brought overseas. It is so delicately made and beautiful. If you can image like 1000 of these of different patters, sizes and shapes at a market, in the cold, dark snow, lit up with bright lights.... the stall was magical. But there is no way that I can fix it. Super glue doesn't work with glass. It is hollow so I thought a Styrofoam ball would work but it didn't so I felt a bit defeated. But I was thinking about why I was mesmerised by this ball and why it was so beautiful.

Then it hit me. Its the beading!! If I can't salvage the ball, I can salvage the beads and the pattern!

So I thought, I've got some leftover wood and white paint. If I make a cross out of it and then glue the beads from the shattered section onto it in the same pattern, then it would be like making it new again. Mind you, this is going to be a tough project.

This way I'm not wasting it and its beauty. I just hope I can pull it off.

When you are in the mindset of not wanting to waste things, you tend to be a bit more creative. Like today I could see new opportunities, new ways of doing things that I may not have thought of before. A wasteful mindset or a wasteful culture leads you to throwaway what you can't use/don't need/can't fix etc. I think Pope Francis chose those words so very carefully. He wasn't referring to just material things. He was referring to a mindset. A mindset that applies to ideas, people and God. I understand why people throwaway ideas, people and God. Unattractiveness, time-costly, difficult …. but when you look at it from a non-throwaway perspective you see opportunity... to make new, to take it slow, to understand and things differently and to grow.

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