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Advent day 11 - single use Christmas

Tinsel. Sometimes single use. Sometimes used for years on end. I used to work at a cheap shop that sold tinsel at Christmas as it used to go everywhere. We would vacuum up heaps from the carpet. I'm really not a big fan at all!!

What I am a big fan of though is the awesome accommodation that James and I are in at the moment. They said 'since you were last here (5 of so years ago) we have stopped selling bottled water because our water is pretty awesome anyway.' We are on Mt Tamborine and some of the water sold from here in plastic is exactly what comes from the taps. They said it was part of their 'war on waste.' Love their work! They even have like cloth serviettes, and I think they buy some brekky foods in bulk which is awesome.

I also wanted to mention some of the fails that I've had. In the past few weeks, I have forgotten to recycle a pen through Terra cycle. I have consumed lots of chocolate as gifts. Which is a struggle. I can't refuse a gift, I think that is rude. But at the same time all of the plastic is single use. And in our travels I have used more single-use paper than I would have liked and haven't been able to recycle it.

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